OutFair Shop Stands in Solidarity with Drag Queens

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OutFair Shop Stands in Solidarity with Drag Queens

As a Florida-based company, we at OutFair Shop are deeply disappointed and angered by the recent ban on drag queens imposed by the governor and some political figures. We have long celebrated diversity and view drag performance as an art form that should be respected. We stand in solidarity with our drag queen brothers and sisters, and we will continue to support them through our fashion shows and other events.

At OutFair Shop, we understand that cities, countries, and humanity in general are better when they respect and celebrate diversity. We believe that this is especially true within a state like Florida, which relies heavily on tourism dollars. People come from all over the world to visit Florida’s beaches, theme parks, and many other attractions—and part of what makes these experiences so special is the vibrant culture of inclusion that exists here. By banning drag queens from performing, the governor is directly threatening the very thing that makes Florida such an attractive tourist destination for so many people around the globe.

The same can be said for businesses like ours—without diverse representation among our customers and employees, there would simply be no OutFair Shop. That’s why we make it a priority to hire individuals from all walks of life who can bring new perspectives to our team. This kind of inclusion is not just good for business; it’s also essential for fostering creativity, cooperation, and understanding among different communities. It helps us become better citizens of both our local area and the world at large—and it gives us a much greater appreciation for difference than anything else ever could.

The ban on drag queens imposed by certain political figures in Florida is not only wrong; it’s bad for business as well. OutFair Shop stands firmly behind our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters—and we call upon other businesses within the state to do so as well! Diversity is good for business—and it’s even better for humanity as a whole. Let’s keep celebrating diversity in all its forms!

Andrés Vásquez




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