Welcome to OUTFAIR.com, an esteemed retail division of GAYHILLS Inc. We were born from a vision to combat global discrimination through economic empowerment, and every purchase made here drives us closer to that mission.

With the support of our loyal customers, we've emerged as one of the largest worldwide distributors and retailers for brands owned by LGBT entrepreneurs. Operating from our Florida base, our team — more akin to a family — is dedicated to providing high-quality products and services that echo our core values.

Choosing OUTFAIR isn't just about buying a product; it's about supporting a cause, standing against discrimination, and fostering economic strength in the LGBT community.

Our origins trace back to a program initiated by GAYHILLS INC., the U.S National LGBT Chamber of Commerce, and NGLCC Global, enriched by partnerships with 11 LGBT chambers of commerce around the globe. This rich collaboration continues to fuel our growth and commitment.

Thank you for choosing OUTFAIR - where every transaction is a step towards a more inclusive world.




Welcome to OUTFAIR.com, the vibrant online retail store proudly presented by GAYHILLS Inc (USA) - a certified LGBT Owned International Diversity Supplier! We are more than just a business; we are a platform for change.

In 2014, GAYHILLS joined forces with esteemed organizations such as NGLCC, SBA, USAID, and EY to create a groundbreaking global program. Its aim? To eradicate discrimination against the LGBT community through the powerful tool of economic empowerment.

Since its inception, our Global Network has grown exponentially. We've added 10 new chambers of commerce to our fold and welcomed hundreds of businesses registered as International Diversity Suppliers. This is not just growth in numbers, but an expansion of our mission to end discrimination.

Choosing OUTFAIR.com means choosing to stand against inequality. Each purchase you make contributes to our cause and helps foster diversity and inclusion in the global economy.

Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a fairer world. Together, we can end discrimination one transaction at a time.



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