OUTFAIR.com is the retail service of GAYHILLS Inc., a company founded with the mission to help fight discrimination around the world through economic empowerment. Our customers have helped us grow into one of the largest global distributors and retailers of LGBT-owned businesses' brands. From our headquarters in Florida, we work together as a family to provide you with quality products and services that support our values. Thank you for choosing OUTFAIR.




GAYHILLS Inc (USA) is proud to present OUTFAIR.com, their online retail store and a certified LGBT Owned International Diversity Supplier! Through the partnership of GAYHILLS with NGLCC, SBA, USAID and EY in 2014 an amazing global program was created - one that aims towards ending discrimination against members of the LGBT community through economic empowerment. Since then, this Global Network has expanded its reach globally by adding 10 new chambers of commerce along with hundreds more businesses registered as International Diversity Suppliers - thank you for helping us end discrimination together!



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