How To Look Good In A Swimsuit Without Six-Pack Abs

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How To Look Good In A Swimsuit Without Six-Pack Abs

Men, Swimsuits and not having a six-pack

Gentlemen, that time has come again. Summer time.

This time of year brings moments where we have to brace our fears and disrobe. Then, we have to jump out into the world with only a swimsuit and a pair of sandles to cover up.

But what if we’re not comfortable with that little amount of clothing? What if we just don’t feel confident because we don’t have six-pack abs or a hard set of pecs to flaunt? Well, we its time to move past that fear.

If you’re looking to know just how to look good in a swimsuit without six-pack abs, look no further than the list of tips below. It should help.



Wear The Right Swimsuit




First and foremost, make sure you are wearing the right type of swimwear for your body type.

Not all swimsuits were made the same and you have to buy the right pair that will make you look your best. That means, taking into account what type of body you have before you purchase your swim trunks.

First off, baggy and elastic trunks are out. This is a general rule for all men. You can try it if you want, but basically all fashion experts recommend against it.

Second, what’s your body type? Are you athletic, husky, or slim? Athletic shaped men have the most versatility and they can experiment with wild patterns and colors.

Meanwhile, fashion experts recommend that huskier men stick to more subtle colored patterns (and never horizontal lines!). If this description fits you, you should also avoid slim fits and keep the suit’s legs loose (but again, not baggy. Loose but not baggy).

Lastly, slim figured men should be mindful of length. If you’re 5’8” or shorter, make sure to buy swim shorts that stop at about the mid-thigh. If you’re taller than that, you should stick to a swimsuit that ends at just above the knee.

Shop around and experiment with your swimwear, but try to stick to these guidelines.






Another way for how to look good in a swimsuit without six-pack abs is to switch up your appearance in the hair department.

Have lots of body hair on your top half? Maybe it’s time to see what you look like without it. We get it, its like the beard thing. Once you have it, you’re afraid of what you’ll look like without it. That said, its always fun to experiment with your look.

Think about when you see a freshly cut lawn. Seeing all the lines and edges and the short blades of grass is relieving. We want the same affect for your swimsuit look.

This means, back hair and shoulder hair has to be trimmed down to very little or nothing at all. Meanwhile, chest hair has some leeway, but should be maintained as well.

As for hair on your lower half, that can be worked on too. Your legs aren’t a big issue, so don’t be worried there. But have you ever considered your feet? Yes, your feet. Again, it’s not a big issue but remember that you’ll most likely be wearing sandals or nothing at all. Are your feet ready to be on full display?

Tanner & Sunscreen




You have to also make sure to take care of your skin.

For the lighter toned men out there, consider possibly applying some tanner. Using brands like St. Tropez, Suave, or Jergens, you can have a natural-looking tan in seconds. Plus, most of these brands are found in everyday grocery stores and for cheap prices like ten bucks.

And for all men, make sure to use sunscreen! Nothing is more embarrassing then getting burnt at the beach or the pool. Even worse, you then have to carry that around with you for the next couple of days.

Also, keep in mind that this is coming from a black man when I say, all men of all races and colors need sunscreen. It doesn’t matter if you don’t show getting sunburnt with pink rashes like other men do, you need sunscreen. Skin cancer is a real thing and you don’t want it. Getting burnt is a real thing and you don’t want it. So, get yourself a cheap bottle of sunscreen and keep your body looking good, feeling safe, and running well. Its just that easy.

Shift Your Thoughts

Now, let’s step away from the outward stuff and focus more on the inner ways for how to look good in a swimsuit without six-pack abs.

These next two tips are not only good for when you’re trying to rock your swim trunks but for other aspects of your life. The first is to shift your thoughts.

If you stay hung up on what’s wrong in your life, or what you perceive as wrong, you’ll never get away from it. Instead, learn how to quickly pivot your mind onto other subjects.

Feeling down and insecure about your body fat? Pivot. Now think about how cold the water is. “Oh hey, let’s build a sandcastle?” “I’ll talk to my friends who came to the lake with me.” Learning to shift your mind onto other subjects will help ease the burden of negative thoughts.

Again, this can apply to other aspects of your life. Worrying about an internet troll bothering you? Don’t engage and move on to the next video, article, or social media post. Bothered about where your career is going? (Appropriately address if something needs to be worked on and then) shift your thoughts so you don’t hang over the doubt.

Give it a try. It works.

Fake It



Going along with that idea is the age old saying of fake it till you make it.

So many times in life, the most successful people are the ones who are feeling just as nervous and unsure as us but who hide it behind a confident exterior.

Don’t let the world know how scared and afraid you are! Puff out your chest and smile. People already like to see things at a superficial level, so give them a positive image for them to feed off of. Eventually, you’ll start believing it to.

Then, as you’ve really become more confident and in control, you can open up about your past insecurities. This is just how the world works.

Exercise And Healthy Eating

Our last step, and we know this’ll sound contradictory, is to start exercising. No, we don’t mean start working out to have six-pack abs. We mean make changes to start living a happier and healthier life.

Yes, you shouldn’t have to feel pressured to look a certain way. That said, if you continuously are feeling bad about your body, there’s an obvious way to fix that problem.

While you can rock swim trunks no matter what your body type is, exercising and eating right can give you psychological, biological, and emotional boosts to help you in many aspects of life. Not just on the beach.

Also keep in mind, you don’t have to dive head first into exercising. In fact, don’t. If you do that, you’ll probably end up quitting. Instead, start slow by incorporating basic things like pushups, jumping jacks, and sit-ups into your schedule. Then, slowly increase the intensity of your workout as you go.

The same can be said for eating healthier. You don’t have to give up sweets or fast food, but you can start to have them less. Everything is ok with moderation, so start thinning out the amount of unhealthy food you eat and see how far you can go.

How To Look Good In A Swimsuit Without Six-pack Abs

The keys to how to look good in a swimsuit without six-pack abs is proper management of the body and confidence from the inside and out.

Try the steps and tips we’ve provided above and see if you don’t notice a subtle change in your water-themed outings. - The Next Trendy Things